Monday, October 15, 2012

My favorite Salad toppings

Salads are one of my favorite foods. All the toppings make it taste awesome and it gives your body all the nutrient dense foods it craves. After I eat a salad I feel energized, satisfied and nourished. When you give your body the foods it REALLY craves, it will work how it is meant to.
Here is a list of some of the toppings..........
Not pictured are whole beans, black, kidney, navy, garbanzo
And Chia seeds

 Raw nuts and seeds. I buy them in bulk and store them.

 Fresh squeezed lemon.. 
we won this juicer at the fair a few years ago, just stick it in and squeeze!

 Hemp Hearts, Flax seeds, Quinoa.. (Costco is amazing with their selection)

 Raw garlic! I put garlic in everything and found buying it already peeled makes it easier to use.
 I freeze half of it because it does spoil fast, no preservatives

I have always wanted to try sprouting. I googled a you tube video by the sprout people and watched how to do it. I just used a jar, and a paper towel and a rubber band.. 3 days later... there was sprouts! 
I want to try Seeds next. 

 I'm all about saving time. I don't want to chop up a salad everyday and honestly I don't have time to chop up a salad every day. But if I take an hour once a week, I can make a lot of salad. In air tight containers it stays nice and fresh. In the blender I have veggies and tofu and I made a salad dressing. Sun dried tomato.. That's another post... I don't add all the wet toppings like tomatoes, avocado, nuts or seeds.. I just prep all the hard vegetables like peppers, lettuce, kale, onion, carrots, celery, radishes, cabbage... the hard ones. Then daily I can add what ever topping I want to make it taste however. Some days I like it creamy with avocado, my creamy dressing or I like it light with vinaigrette or lemon juice. Other days I make it taste like salsa and beans... The possibilities are endless... I have been designated at all the family holidays to bring salad.

My baby girl will have memories of chopping salad. Never too young to start!

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