Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fresh Salmon Fish tacos

My Husband loves fishing... Sometimes I think he loves it more than me. (wink) He gets excited for fishing, quiet mornings on the water... no kids... I dread fishing it means I get the mess left in the kitchen, and the fishy smells of fish droplets all over the floor... Someday I'll go fishing and love it as much as him. 
I do love the dinners we make and the Smoked salmon he makes.So he can go fishing... and I'll keep cleaning up his mess...

Salmon Fish tacos are one of our favorites to make. Here are the ingredients:

Salmon.. As much as you need to feed as many people as you want...
Cilantro.. As much as you need
Red onion
Cabbage.. I like the purple cabbage, it makes a pretty presentation. 
Lime (to fresh squeeze on the taco)
Corn tortillas (heat in micro wave or oven before serving)
Sour cream.. I like the low fat

Here's the famous RMF Smoked salmon
Many people say it's the best they've ever had

Salmon Jerky

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