Sunday, October 7, 2012

A few Kid Plates

Kids can be picky eaters. I try to make small adjustments to have them eat the same things we eat. Whole unprocessed foods is my goal every meal, some days are easier than others. Here are a few kid plates we have made recently. We arn't vegetarians, but we also don't eat meat everyday. When the kids do eat meat, I try to make sure its free range, hormone free, fresh caught fish and preservative free. I used to be a vegetarian, but I cannot deny that whole food is whole food and some "Veggie" burgers or "Vegetarian" products are more processed than meat, and often times have more additives in them.

 Avocado, Cherry tomatoes, Organic Turkey sausage (Nitrate free, preservative free)

 Fresh picked Black berries from their Grandpas house. They love picking berries and coming home and eating their hard work.

 Old Fashioned Oat Meal, Bananas, Green Apple, Blueberries, Chopped walnuts (Raw), Flax seed. Drizzled with Pure Maple syrup.

 Avocado, tomatoes, whole beans, Daddies Salmon,
 The kids love to watch daddy clean his fish and cook it. Recently they went on the boat and went fishing. Kael started dancing with fish when they pulled it in the boat and it was flopping around.

 Home made bean burger, Whole grain bread, peanut butter & Honey, Veggie fruit smoothie, Veggie burger from Costco.

 Fresh fruit is always a big hit!

 Home made pickles 
Apple cider vinegar cucumbers
When I first made these I never thought my kids would eat them. My 2 yr old LOVES them...

Peas, Organic tofu, Yams, Red wild rice

 Scrambled eggs, Avocado, Veggie smoothie (Kale, Spinach, blueberries, carrot, banana, water)
The kids like to run around the house pretending to catch Dragon eggs,
 so they can have "Dragon Eggs for breakfast.

 Frozen Cherries
they taste like mini soda pops
our family loves them

 We make pancakes a few times a month
we put blueberries or bananas, or green apple and cinnamon
to flavor them
Also pure maple syrup

 More fresh fruit!

After nap snack
instant energy!

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