Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drink your Veggies

All my smoothies are a little different. Some days we drink a more fruity tasting one, other days we have a garlic apple one, or peanut and strawberry for PB&J, Or Chocolate.. Sometimes we want sweet, other times we want nutty..... The possibilities are endless. This is almost our 1 year anniversary with a Blendtech and we have close to 600 blends on it, it is still going strong! 
I used to try and make smoothies with a $30 blender from Walmart.. it didn't blend up the food too well. If you have never tried a High power blender, you will LOVE it! Vitamix is also a Great blender!

Banana, Spinach, purple cabbage, apple, Raw seeds

Asian Cabbage, Orange, Plum, Carrot, Banana, Apple

Chocolate Veggie smoothie ~
Spinach, kale, banana, blueberries, carrot, Raw sunflower, raw pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, water, .... (choice of sweetener)

I like to make it a little different every time. I always have a little different fruits and veggies on hand.

I like to use left overs if my husband is out of town as Chocolate Popsicles.

Kids love to eat Chocolate veggie Popsicles!

Using smoothies as a way to get kids to get more veggies has made life so much easier with 3 kids. 
Popsicles are always a hit

This is one of my favorites, it is Raw walnuts, frozen banana, Vanilla Almond milk, blended and frozen...

Get creative! Have fun!

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  1. Ok ok ok.... I need a Blendtec! Thanks for the great ideas!!


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