Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to eat healthy while Dining out...

Eating out at restaurants is a big part of our families way of getting out and getting together. We have a big family, and birthdays, holidays, special occasions usually results in a get together at a restaurant. There are all sorts of things you can do make your dining experience more healthy, and keep you on track for healthy eating. 
I try to avoid restaurants who use a lot of fried foods or who don't offer a bunch of vegetables on their menu. 

~Mexican restaurants
..... My personal favorite. The kids love it too! 
Whole beans (you gotta ask for them). Ask if Lard is used in re-fried beans
Veggie fajita, corn tortilla, whole beans, hold the sour cream, devour the guacamole, smother on the salsa..
 *I hold the rice too or I give it to the kids.. A lot of times  Restaurant Mexican rice is white rice with tomato sauce on it. 

~Thai Food....
Another one of my favorites
Lots of vegetable options
seafood or tofu

Fresh food, lots of vegetables and seafood or meats

~Indian food ...
Great lunch buffets! 
Lots of Veggies, They use great seasonings.
 I like to be inspired by their food and try to make it at home. 

~Breakfast restaurants...
When we go out for breakfast We like to find wholesome restraunts
I always order garden scrambles.. If the menu doesn't have one, I always have them scramble some eggs and throw whatever veggies in they have in back. I've had some pretty neat creations that way. 

Some other tricks when I go out to eat:
 I don't get dressing on my salads, (side of lemon)
I always order salad instead of fries, 
some places even have fresh fruit or veggies as sides...
Nothing Fried.. Always grilled or baked
Corn tortillas instead of Flour
Ill make salads out of veggie burgers and hold the bun
*I get water or hot tea, or UNSWEETENED ice tea
I eat half the food and put the other half in a to go box

Eating healthy food doesn't have to be limited to just your kitchen. You just have to know what your looking for.

  If we are going somewhere with a big group of people and I know there isn't a lot of healthy choices, I'll eat before I go, and just have a small side of steamed veggies or side salad. Going out to eat is about getting together and enjoying everyone's company! I try not be the crazy food person who makes a big deal out of stuff.


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