Friday, October 5, 2012


The world of food is very confusing and overwhelming with so many choices! I made a little break down of Best and Worst choices to try and help make it easier. You can substitute healthier choices into ANY recipe! Your body will love you for it!

~Dairy~ 1 serv of cheese = 1oz, milk = 8 oz
BEST Choices
 Almond milk, coconut milk, nut milk, reduced fat organic non hormone milk, goat milk
Whole milk, mass produced puss filled
Low-fat yogurt, add your own fresh fruit. - Plain no sugar added, watch for artificial sweeteners
Regular yogurt, flavored fruit yogurts, sugar second ingredient
Low-fat cottage cheese, low fat or non fat string cheese, low fat cheese, goat cheese
Regular cottage cheese, regular fat cheese
Nonfat sour cream
Regular sour cream
Frozen low-fat, , low sugar yogurt, make your own ice cream
Regular ice cream
Eggs- Omega Eggs, free range, Hard boiled, Gently heated *eat eggs in moderation
Caged, Mass produced, Liquid eggs from a carton, Fried eggs

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