Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm Thirsty!

Homemade Lemonade and Iced tea
Homemade lemonade is very nutritious and so easy to make. All you need is lemons and honey. I follow a simple rule, 6 lemons per 1 gallon of water. About 3 heaping TBS of Honey. 

These handy citrus juicers are around $10-15 bucks at Walmart. We like to make fresh Orange juice and Lemonade

The kids love to help, I slice 6 lemons in half, and they take turns squishing the juice out on the citrus juicer.

Add the honey to the jug, no need to heat it up. Its best to leave it raw to get optimal nutrients out of it

Once all 6 lemons are juiced you get a nice thick lemon juice! No need to heat, keep all the nutrients alive. Add this to the honey

Put the lid on! Let the kids shake away! Shake, shake shake... shake your booty... shake shake shake... The lemon will dissolve the honey withing minutes. Once the honey is all dissolved and the lemon juice is mixed up, add Cold water.

TADA!!!!!!!!!!! Fresh squeezed lemon juice!

You can even add iced tea and make your own Arnold Palmer! 

Clean up is easy, let the kids help, and the mess is minimal. They love to drink their hard work!

Making Iced tea is just as simple! Steep about 6 or 7 tea bags for 1 gallon of water. Only use about 1 Cup in the hot pan. This makes the concentrated tea.

Add the Steeped tea bags to a pitcher

Fill it up with Ice, and add water. Tada! Simple! If you like it sweet you can add, stevia, organic sugar, honey... 

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